Helping vulnerable people start and stay safe online


Good Things Foundation is delighted to be working in partnership with TalkTalk to award a small amount of funding to a number of Online Centres across the UK to help them support the most vulnerable people in their local communities to help them build their digital capability with a core focus on staying safe online. This is an opportunity to propose and deliver an innovative idea around digital inclusion that you’ve not been able to try before.

The project

There are 12 grants of £2,000 available to apply for. Successful organisations will be required to:

  • Help vulnerable people build their digital confidence with a core focus on staying safe online
  • Engage a new audience group, focusing on the most vulnerable in society. This could include people who are homeless, families in poverty, and people with poor mental health, for example.
  • Enable new partnerships to be formed that extend your reach and impact into these audience groups.
  • Engage with 50 individuals over 5 months, to support all of them through the Staying Safe in a Digital Work course on Learn My Way.
  • Identify one beneficiary case study.
  • Produce a short report at the end of five months to outline your approach, what you learned and the impact that it has had.
  • Be prepared to participate in interviews with the Good Things Foundation Design and Innovation team.

As there are only a small number of grants available, it’s really important that organisations submit a clear proposal that sets out:

  • A robust model for delivering a new and innovative approach to digital inclusion activity
  • How you’d work with new audience groups or new partners
  • How the funding will be spent.

We are looking to fund one organisation in each region in England as well as one organisation in each of; Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


  • To apply for this opportunity organisations need to be a member of the Online Centres Network.
  • Organisations already in receipt of funding from Good Things Foundation cannot apply. This includes any organisations from the same company.
  • If organisations are unsuccessful for funding in September, you are able to apply again in January.
  • Applications are welcomed from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Application & Project time frames

Application launch 12 September 2017
Application deadline 29 September 2017
Assessment period 2 - 12 October 2017
Notification email 13 October 2017
Project delivery 1 November 2017 - 31 March 2018

There are two phases to the project and this is phase one. Applications will open again in January 2018 for phase two.

You can contact our Network Support Team at any time if you have any questions about the application process. They can be contacted on 0114 349 1666 or and are very happy to help.

Application Questions

To submit your application please visit the online form here.

1. Organisation details

1.1 Please tell us your centre name

1.2 Please tell us your centre number

1.3 Please tell us your centre address

1.4 Please provide your centre Twitter name and/or a link to your Facebook page. If your centre has neither, please tell us here.

1.5 Is your organisation registered with Companies House or a registered charity?

1.6 If yes, please tell us your Companies House number or registered charity number.

2. Applicant details

2.1 Name of applicant

2.2 Applicant job role

2.2 Applicant email address

2.3 Applicant phone number

3. Project Delivery

3.1 Please tell us about your idea for an innovative digital inclusion project and how you would deliver it.

Please tell us in a concise way exactly what funding from Good Things Foundation will allow you to do. You might want to shape your response around the following bullet points:

  • What you plan to do (outputs) and what effect this will have (outcomes)
  • The new audience(s) you will be looking to support through the project, e.g. families in poverty, homeless people
  • The new partnerships that you will create through the project, eg. partners, stakeholders, members of the community
  • How you will embed the Staying Safe in Your Digital World course on Learn My Way into your digital inclusion delivery sessions
  • How you will spend the funding

Word count limit - 750 words

3.2 Please tell us about the methods you will use to engage with new learners within your specialist target group.

In this answer we’d like to know:

  • The marketing strategies you will use to promote your delivery
  • The partners you already work with or plan to work with and how they will support your delivery
  • The networks/organisations you will work with to engage with new learners
  • Any specific campaigns you would plan to support the project.

Word count limit - 500 words

3.3 Please tell us about how you would evaluate the project

In this answer we’d like to know:

  • What you expect to learn as a result the project
  • The methods that you’ll use to test and evidence the impact of the project

Word count limit - 500 words

To submit your application please visit the online form here.