TalkTalk Wave 2 Funding

Can you help vulnerable people stay safe online?

15 x £2,000 grants available.

Application deadline: 14 February

Apply now

This is your chance to develop your own idea for a project which will help vulnerable people in your community use the internet confidently and safely.

Vulnerable people are especially likely to be limited users or non-users of the internet. That's why we've teamed up with TalkTalk to offer grants of £2,000 to organisations who can identify a local vulnerable target group and work with them to build their digital confidence.

Does this sound like something for you? To apply, you'll first need to be a member of our Online Centres Network. If you're not a member, please call the Good Things Foundation Network team on 0114 349 1666 and we'll guide you through the sign up process. If you're already an Online Centre, you can apply straightaway.

Learn My Way course helps volunteer get clued up on online safety

An Online Centre volunteer in Doncaster has been boosting her own internet security skills as well as her learners’ thanks to an online safety course from Good Things Foundation and TalkTalk.

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What timeframe do I need to work to?

  • Application Launch: 01 February 2018

  • Application Deadline: 14 February 2018

  • Assesment Period: 15 February to 26 February 2018

  • Notification E-mail: 27 February 2018

  • Project Delivery Period: 01 March to 31 July 2018

Am I eligible?

In order to apply for this funding, you must:

  • Be a member of the Online Centres Network
  • Not already be receiving funding from Good Things Foundation

If you applied for this funding in September but were not successful, you can apply again in this round.

What do I need to include in my idea?

There are a few things that we'd like to see in your idea and which will help you make a strong application. You will need to describe:

  1. Your chosen target audience of vulnerable people, and how you plan to engage with them (including establishing partnerships with other local organisations).
  2. The issues that your particular audience are likely to be experiencing and that you will attempt to address with the £2,000.
  3. How you plan to address these issues through your project activities, along with consideration of:
    • a. How you expect it to work.
    • b. How you will know it is working.

What will I have to do if my application is successful?

If your idea is successful and you receive £2,000 for its delivery, you will be required to guide 50 people through our short course 'Staying Safe' in 'Your Digital World' over 5 months. This is hosted on Learn My Way, our free online learning platform which is open to everyone.

We'd also like you to produce a short report at the end of the 5 months to describe your approach, and the impact it has had. This will both help you reflect on what you have learnt as a result of the project and how you can apply that learning in the future, but will also help us at Good Things Foundation understand what works with different people in different settings. We will help you think about the report as you progress through the project.

When will I receive funding if my application is successful?

The £2,000 will be released in two parts - £1,000 a the start of the project delivery in March 2018 and £1,000 at the end of the 5-month delivery in July 2018.

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