Virtual Volunteering

Good Things Foundation is pleased to launch an exciting new initiative with BT which will allow their colleagues to volunteer to provide support virtually to our community partners.

They will be able to offer you support from anywhere in the country to help develop or improve your social media skills, virtual communications skills or business and project management skills.

For example, you might want someone to help you understand and make better use of Twitter, improve your Facebook reach, or make use of mass texting and SMS messages to reach your staff or volunteers better. You might be interested in getting some support to decide on a CMS system to track your client journey, or talk to someone about the best ways of evaluating the impact of what you do.

How does it work?

The details that you give will be used as the basis for an advert for BT colleagues, so be as clear as you can about what you need the volunteer to do (and remember that the volunteers will only have a couple of days over the course of a year to volunteer, so the projects can't be too big!)

Also use the opportunity to explain why what you do is so important, and talk about the people you support - this will help to make the volunteering experience more interesting and valuable for any potential volunteer.

What happens next?

Once we have your form, the details will be sent to BT for them to advertise the volunteering role. Someone from Good Things Foundation may be in touch if we need any more information.

It may be 4-6 weeks after you submit a volunteering request before the role is advertised to BT staff. We can't guarantee that someone will respond, but we will keep advertising your request on a regular basis. As soon as somebody applies to be your volunteer we will put you in touch via email.

If you have any questions about this volunteering support offer, please contact the network volunteering team on

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