Voice recognition tablets for cancer patients and their carers

Olwyn Hardy, Nuneaton Women's Multicultural Resource Centre

Nuneaton Women’s Multicultural Resource Centre aims to support and empower women by building their self-confidence and helping them make informed life choices. They also offer a wide range of supportive services to improve the daily lives of women in their community (a much-deprived area of Warwickshire).

NWMRC recognised that a lot of the people they cater for are undergoing treatment for or are overcoming cancer or they are caring for someone with cancer. For those undergoing treatment, the effects can often leave them short of hearing or visually impaired. In order to make things easier for them and/or their carers when they’re unable to get out of the house, NWMRC set up the ‘First Clicks’ computer group to help learners access the internet on a touchscreen device and use it to shop and bank online, along with other chores.

During the classes, they use easy mode with large text and easy-access icons. They also run lessons in Google voice control showing learners how to communicate with their tablet to get jobs done quicker.

The classes were so successful that the majority of students quickly purchased their own tablets, smartphones and Kindles to use at home.